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   For more, check out the Martin Himel Website: BLASPHEMY 1x60min documentary.  Blasphemy may be thought to always have a religious connotation but it can also relate to secular and social movements. Blasphemy examines both classic and contemporary cases of blasphemy, where a particular belief or point of view claims infallibility and condemns all who date to question or oppose.    THE ARREST - Winner of the Amnesty International Media Award 2020-21.  1x60 minute documentary, premiered on TVO May 2020. Andres, a 68 year old Canadian law-abiding grandfather was beaten and arrested by a police officer while his neighbor’s house was on fire. His crime? He refused to go back into his Toronto house because the gas main could blow up. We profile lawyer Davin Charney fighting for Andres and his other clients trying to get the charges dropped, then suing the Police, fighting for compensation.  44 percent of all those arrested and charged in Ontario ultimately have the charges dismissed by prosecutors. That's 44 out of every 100 Canadians who are arrested, jailed, charged, bailed out, obliged to live with restrictions, considered “guilty until proven innocent”. They are often fired from their jobs, traumatized for months if not years, only to have the charges dropped before a trial ever happens. This is not just a Canadian problem; it's endemic in all Western countries.    FOLLOW THE MONEY 1x60 minute documentary, premiered Vision TV October 2018.  Investigates the alliance between radical Islamic terror militias & organized crime. Elad is a professional cyber hacker who spies on terrorists. He goes undercover online to infiltrate Dark Web chat rooms and "stores" where heroin and opiates are sold. Women are traded in sex slavery. Weapons are purchased. The buyers and sellers are criminals and terrorists militias. Elad finds a Dark Net Syrian market where suicide bomber vests are on sale for $200 each. A Tow Missile capable of levelling a small building goes for $5000. Tank shells sell for $300. FOLLOW THE MONEY features interviews with cyber crime and counter terrorism experts who expose how terror militias throughout the Mid-East North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have forged alliances with criminal networks worldwide to sell drugs, weapons, and stolen art to fund Al Qaeda extremists, Jihadi idealogues, and other terrorist organizations around the world.  UNIT 8200 1 x 60 min documentary for Vision TV, Canada. Premiered May 2017.  Three years ago, Ron Reiter shared a bachelor pad with two of his friends. All three were trying to reach their dream of creating successful start-ups. 3 years on, Reiter sold his company for $50 million to Oracle. One friend sold his start-up for $320 million to Microsoft. The other sold his for "just" $150 million to another multi-national. They are not Ivy league graduates, but veterans of Israel's 8200 unit in military intelligence. Cyber security has become a top priority internationally. A unique behind-the-scenes look into this top secret unit, responsible for some of the most famous hacking missions.    UNDERCOVER IN ISIS 1 x 60 min documentary for CBC Doc Channel Premiered Sept 25th 2016.  Investigative documentary  - two undercover agents infiltrate the murky online world of ISIS terrorists. Includes a cyberdate and marriage proposal from a known jihadi operating in Sweden. Extraordinary undercover footage never seen before.    SECRETS OF SURVIVAL 1 x 90 min feature documentary, called "One of the must-see documentaries of 2017".   Broadcast on CBC Doc Channel. Canadian Malka Rosenbaum discovers she has a sister born in the Holocaust Where is she? German Juergen Ulloth finds out he has a different Father, an American WW2 soldier. Who is he? We follow their common search, as they discover the Secrets hidden from them about  their past.     PBS Newshour  Behind the frontlines in Iraq with the all-female unit within the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The women are on the front lines of a fierce battle against the Islamic State. Some of them are widows; their husbands were killed in operations against the Turkish military. Should America decide to back the PKK, it would mean upsetting the USA's longtime ally, Turkey.    PBS Newshour  How a US Soldier joined the Kurdish Militia. Nearly nine years after Brett, a US army veteran, served his last mission in Iraq, he came back. This time he was not fighting for the US army, but as a volunteer for Kurdish Peshmerga forces. For Brett, it was an ideological decision. "Most people don't understand what persecution is," says Brett. He is a devout Christian, and felt compelled to help the Kurds achieve freedom from the tyranny of Islamic State.  KEYS TO PARADISE 1x60 min  How much do we REALLY know about Hamas, Islamic State, Islamic Jihad and al Nusra? World Premiere Vision TV Canada October 2015    PENSIONER POWER 1x60 min  Groundbreaking documentary explores senior political clout around the world - including Israel, Slovenia, Croatia and Canada. Premiere August 2015 Vision TV Canada.    GLOBAL ANTISEMITISM 4x60 min Exposes on camera new anti-Semitism in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Canada. Broadcast on Vision TV, Canada, Channel 2, Israel.    INFIDELITY 4 x 30 min series broadcasting on Vision Television Network. CBC Doc Channel and CTS Canada. (2011/12) Persecuted Christians 1 x60 min documentary focusing on the plight of Christians in Iraq and the Mid East  broadcast on Vision TV Canada, PBS , and HD  Net. 2012/13    ROBOTIC WARRIORS 1 x 60min  documentary broadcasting on CBC Doc Channel, Bloomberg USA  and Dan Rather Reports USA. (2010/11)   TWIST OF FAITH 13 x 30min television series investigating how religions affect world events.   The series broadcast in Canada on the Vision Television Network throughout (2009/10).    NORTH KOREA DESPERATE OR DECEPTIVE 1 x 60min Himel succeeded in exposing life within this closed Communist Country as rarely seen before. The program broadcast in larger and smaller versions on Global TV Canada, NBC, PBS News hour, CNN International , SKY Television, Swedish, Dutch, Austrian, Korean, Chinese, and other networks. (2008)   ARCHAEOLOGY MINEFIELDS 1 x 60 min Investigative Profile of Antiquities Discovery’  Vision Television  Canada and Dan Rather Report USA.  ( Elsash Productions)   IN SEARCH OF 13 x 30min episodes International Current Affairs Series  ( Elsash Productions) Foreign Correspondent International Current Affairs Series [30mins x 8 episodes]  Global Television Network  ( Elsash Productions)  END OF DAYS 1 x 60 mins Explores the complex relationship between     American Evangelical Movements and Israel’    Vision Television Canada  ( Elsash Productions)     JENIN: MASSACRING TRUTH 1 x 60 min Investigates Palestinian west bank warfare and Anti Israel Campus Movements Global Television Network Canada.  SBS Australia, IBA Israel.  ( Elsash Productions)    CONFRONTATION AT CONCORDIA 1 x 60 min Profile on Anti-American and Anti Israel Campus Movements’ Global Television Network   Canada,  IBA Israel.  ( Elsash Productions)      360 Degrees Current Affairs Series  (30min x39 Episodes) National Geographic, I Channel Canada,  Sweden TV, Dutch TV, Poland TV,  First Asia News Channel, SABC, and many more.  ( Elsash Productions)     Dangerous Legacy  – (60 min and 15 min versions) Profiles the   Legacy of  Balkan Wars’   News Hours PBS,  CNN International, SVT Sweden,  Austrian TV,  Dutch TV,  Irish TV. ( Elsash Productions)    Angels with Broken Wings  (1 x 60 min )  Investigation into the horrific  conditions of Children kept in closed Psycho- Neurological wards in Russia. ( Elsash Productions)  Broadcast  WTV Canada, SVT Sweden, Dutch TV , Danish TV, TVE Spain,  ORS Austria, Israel TV, and others. Roving Report international magazine program Associated Press Television International Current Affairs  Series(1995 – 2003)     AWARDS: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AWARD CANADA – THE ARREST 2021; GRAND JURY SPECIAL AWARD FOR DOCUMENTARY EXCELLENCE – JENIN MASSACRING TRUTH. HOUSTON WORLDFEST FESTIVAL.   BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, 2003 (CONFRONTATION AT CONCORDIA)   CO-WINNER BEST CURRENT  AFFAIRS MAGAZINE  SHOW- NEW YORK TELEVISION FESTIVAL 1995   (Granted to specific Roving Report Program. )      NEWS COVERAGE : Correspondent 1995- 2007   Global TV Correspondent,  On air coverage, reporting, live broadcasts, Q & A throughout the Middle east, Europe and Asia. Major Stories Covered: Lebanon Israel War. Gulf Wars 1 &2.  Palestinian Uprising.  North Korea Coverage.  Mid East Peace Process.  Ukrainian Uprising .  Serbia  NATO war.  1996-98 Fox News USA, Middle East correspondent, On air coverage, reporting, direct editing, live broadcasts, throughout the Middle East.  Gulf Crisis. Palestinian Uprising.  Mid East Peace Process.  1993-95      Baton Broadcasting  Canada , Bureau chief / News Correspondent. Mid east, Asian, European and African coverage  .  1983-93 CTV Television, Network Canada Bureau chief News correspondent– Middle east bureau. Middle East and European coverage, including the Gulf War, Palestinian Uprising, and East-European revolutions.  1980-83      ABC NEWS, Field Producer and Radio Reporter.  1978-80      CTV Television, Segment Producer, Story Editor Canada AM   

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Host, Correspondent, Directing, Producing, Filming Paramedic with expertise in Emergency Medicine and Mass Disasters